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How to Wear Royal Blue Dress: Style Like a Monarch

How to Wear Royal Blue Dress: Style like a monarch and outfit ideas. Pair a royal blue dress with neutral accessories for a classic look. Opt for silver or gold jewelry to add a touch of elegance.

Royal blue is a vibrant and regal color that makes a striking statement in the fashion world. This bold hue can be styled for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events. To wear a royal blue dress effectively, coordinate with accessories that complement the dress without overpowering it.

Stick to simple designs and minimalistic styles to let the dress be the centerpiece of your outfit. Choosing the right footwear is also crucial; consider nude heels or black pumps for a sophisticated finish. 

Remember, the key to pulling off a royal blue dress is balancing the vibrant color with understated pieces that harmonize the overall look. Selecting the right garments and accessories will ensure you look impeccably chic and confident in your royal blue ensemble.

The Allure Of Royal Blue

Royal blue, a vibrant color, sings a song of elegance and sophistication. It stands out in a crowd and carries a regal presence, making it a perfect choice for those who wish to make a statement. Whether for a formal event or a casual outing, a royal blue dress commands attention and adoration.

The History Behind The Hue

Royal Blue has a storied past, rooted in prestige and power. Once a color reserved for royalty and nobility, it has since become a staple in fashion. Its deep, mesmerizing shade was favored by monarchs and has adorned many historic garments.

Psychology Of Color: Royal Blue’s Impact

Colors can evoke emotions and convey messages without a single word. Royal blue makes us feel confident and serene. Its impact on our mood is clear. It can boost our confidence and calm our minds.

ColorEmotion Evoked
Royal BlueConfidence, Serenity, Intelligence

Donning a royal blue dress captures all these feelings in one stunning ensemble.

Choosing Your Royal Blue Dress

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Stepping out in a royal blue dress can transform your presence, casting an air of confidence that is both captivating and timeless. But before sailing into a sea of blue, it’s crucial to pick the right shade and style for your frame and the occasion. Let this guide illuminate your path as you choose the royal blue dress that flatters and fits just right.

Body Type And Dress Cuts

Selecting a dress that complements your body type is key. Royal blue is a color that pops, and with the correct cut, it will accentuate your best features. Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Body TypeRecommended Cut
Pear-ShapedA-line Dresses
Apple-ShapedEmpire Waist Dresses
HourglassBodycon Dresses
RectangularSheath Dresses
PetiteMini or Midi Dresses
TallMaxi Dresses

Event Appropriateness (How to Wear Royal Blue Dress)

Choose a dress that’s perfect for the event you’re attending. Royal blue dresses can adapt to any event with the right style. Here’s a simple guide to help you match the dress to the event:

  • Weddings: Opt for elegant and flowy.
  • Work events: Choose conservative and professional cuts.
  • Cocktail parties: Short and chic works well.
  • Galas: A long gown makes a statement.
  • Daytime Outings: Casual and comfy styles are best.

Accessorizing With Majesty

Dressing in royal blue is a statement of confidence and elegance. The vibrant hue demands equally majestic accessories. The key to nailing the look lies in choosing pieces that complement without overshadowing the dress’s bold statement. Balance is crucial. Delve into the world of accessories. Find those perfect touches to transform your royal blue dress into a regal outfit.

Jewelry That Complements Royal Blue

Silver and gold pieces shine against royal blue. They add a touch of glamour. Consider these options:

  • Silver: Earrings or necklaces with clear stones.
  • Gold: Bracelets or rings to warm up the cool blue.
  • Pearls: Create a classic look with white or cream shades.

Don’t forget about colorful gemstones. Opt for:

  • Ruby: Adds warmth and contrast.
  • Emerald: Makes the blue pop with an elegant twist.

Keep the pieces simple yet striking. Avoid overly intricate designs. Let the blue dress be the centerpiece.

Selecting The Right Footwear

Choosing shoes for a royal blue dress can be exciting. The aim is to blend comfort with style. Heels or flats, the choice is yours. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Nude heels: Elongate your legs. Offer a sleek finish.
  2. Black stilettos: Classic and chic.
  3. Metallic sandals: Bring a festive touch to the outfit.
  4. Royal blue pumps: Create a monochrome look. Add sophistication.

Remember, the right shoes can elevate your entire look. Choose wisely and walk with confidence.

Makeup And Hairstyle Tips (How to Wear Royal Blue Dress)

Stepping out in a royal blue dress means making a bold statement. To complement such a striking color, the right makeup and hairstyle choices can elevate the entire look. Below are expert tips to ensure every detail shines as regally as the dress itself.

Makeup Palettes That Match

Royal Blue offers a canvas for diverse makeup palettes. Choose colors that highlight your features without competing with the dress's vivid hue. Here's how to pick the perfect makeup palette:

Eye Makeup: For a cohesive look, opt for neutrals or browns. Gold or silver can add a touch of glamour. Use navy eyeliner to tie in the dress color.

Cheeks: Go with a soft blush to bring warmth to your face. Peach or soft pink complements royal blue well.

Lips: Choose a nude lip for a subtle effect or a red lip for a classic contrast. Both offer a refined finish.

Regal Hairstyles To Consider

Your hairstyle can be the crown jewel of your outfit. Consider these regal hairstyles:

Elegant Updo: A sleek bun or chignon adds sophistication. It shows off the neckline and jewelry.

Soft Curls: They create a timeless and romantic look. Pair with a side part for added elegance.

Half-Up, Half-Down: This style offers the best of both worlds. It's practical yet princess-like.

Remember to keep your hair accessories minimal. Let the dress and your natural beauty be the centerpiece.

Layering With Elegance

A royal blue dress makes a bold statement. It's the perfect canvas for elegant layering. With thoughtfully chosen pieces, you can enhance the dress’s beauty without overwhelming it. Let's explore the art of layering, focusing on stylish choices that complement your blue ensemble. Embrace the cooler seasons or add a touch of sophistication for those breezy summer evenings.

Stylish Outerwear Choices

The right outerwear can transform your look. A classic blazer adds professionalism, while a sleek leather jacket brings an edge. For a softer touch, try a cashmere cardigan. Choose neutrals or metallics; they pair well with royal blue.

  • Blazers – Opt for black, gray or white
  • Leather jackets – Go for black or brown
  • Cardigans – Select beige or pastel tones

Adding Scarves And Wraps

Scarves and wraps are the perfect layering accessories. They add texture and interest to your outfit. Choose a patterned scarf to introduce complementary colors or keep it simple with a monochrome wrap.

Patterned ScarfSilk, Cotton
Monochrome WrapWool, Cashmere

Select a scarf or wrap based on the occasion. Remember, less is often more!

Royal Blue For Different Occasions

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Royal Blue for Different Occasions shines with versatility. Your closet brightens up with a royal blue dress. You find ways to style it for any event. Let's explore how to dress it up or down.

Casual Outings In Royal Blue (How to Wear Royal Blue Dress)

Royal blue shines casually too. Wear it on relaxed days. Pair it with white sneakers or flats. A lightweight cardigan or denim jacket adds comfort. Add some sunglasses for a sunny touch.

  • Top it off with a floppy hat for a chic shade.
  • Bring a canvas tote or crossbody bag.
  • Accessories matter. Try a silver watch or simple bracelets.

Formal Affairs: The Blue Etiquette

Step into elegance with royal blue. It's a perfect pick for formal events. A shift to heels changes the mood. Choose a clutch for essentials. Jewelry elevates your look.

Consider the event type for accessories. Pearls bring classic grace. Bold metallics make a statement. Always ensure comfort with style.

OccasionAccessory Tips
WeddingsDainty earrings, elegant heels
Gala DinnersStatement necklace, sophisticated updo
Business EventsMinimalist watch, professional tote

What You Need To Know On How To Wear Royal Blue Dress

What Accessories Match A Royal Blue Dress?

Choosing accessories for a royal blue dress involves complementary colors such as silver, gold, or white. Opt for understated jewelry to allow the dress to stand out.

Is A Royal Blue Dress Suitable For Weddings?

A royal blue dress can be perfect for weddings. Ensure it matches the event's formality and avoid upstaging the bridal party.

How To Select Shoes For Royal Blue Dress?

Select shoes that complement a royal blue dress, such as nude, black, or metallic tones. Opt for heels or flats based on the occasion's formality.

What type of jewelry goes with a royal blue dress?

Elevate a royal blue dress with silver or gold jewelry. For a classic look, opt for statement earrings or a bold necklace. Delicate pieces exude elegance, and consider your neckline – a V-neck pairs well with a pendant, while studs complement strapless styles.

What color handbag goes with a royal blue dress?

For a royal blue dress, a metallic clutch in gold or silver adds a touch of glamour. Opt for complementary colors to enhance the richness of the dress, ensuring your handbag becomes a stylish accessory that complements rather than competes.

When you wear royal blue, what color shoes do you wear?

Pair your royal blue outfit with nude or metallic shoes for an elegant and versatile look. Nude tones create a chic contrast, while metallics like silver or gold add a touch of glam. Strappy sandals or classic pumps in these shades enhance the richness of royal blue, making your footwear a stylish accent to your ensemble.


Dressing in royal blue doesn't have to be daunting. Embrace this (How to Wear Royal Blue Dress) regal hue with confidence, pairing it with the right accessories for any occasion. Remember, the key is balance - whether you're aiming for understated elegance or a bold statement.

Stand out in style and let your royal blue dress shine.

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