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What to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress: Chic Accessory Tips!

What to wear with a royal blue dress of the best blue dress. Pair a royal blue dress with neutral accessories like nude, beige, or white heels and a coordinating clutch. For a bold statement, opt for metallics such as silver or gold.

Selecting the perfect accompaniments to a royal blue dress can enhance your look, making you stand out at any event. Royal blue, a vibrant hue, demands attention and is versatile enough to be paired with a wide range of accessories.

The key is to strike the right balance between elegance and boldness. Metallic jewelry can add a touch of glamour, while simple, understated pieces ensure the dress remains the focal point.

For a cohesive ensemble, choose shoes and handbags in complementary shades that don’t compete with the dress’s strong color. Remember to tailor your choices to the occasion; opt for stilettos and a sleek clutch for a formal event, or choose comfortable flats and a tote bag for a casual outing.

Introducing The Royal Blue Dress

Step into the spotlight with the royal blue dress, a piece that promises a panache and a head-turning effect. The deep, vivid shade of blue stands out in every wardrobe. It’s more than just a dress; it’s a manifestation of confidence and style.

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Whether you’re attending a wedding, heading to a business event, or simply having a night out, the royal blue dress is your perfect companion. Let’s explore how to style this stunning garment.

The Allure Of A Statement Color

Why does royal blue capture our hearts? This color transcends trends, elevating the wearer’s ensemble instantly. It pairs beautifully with various accessories and complements every skin tone. A royal blue dress acts as a canvas for personal expression. Here are some key points:

  • Versatility: Fits formal and casual settings.
  • Flattering: Looks great on all body types.
  • Seasonless: Perfect all year round.

Fashion Rules For Bold Hues

Dressing in bold colors like royal blue needs balance. The key is to let the dress be the star. Follow these fashion guidelines:

Pair with neutrals like white or blackAvoid too many colors
Choose simple jewelry to complementOverdo accessories
Select classic footwearClash with loud shoe designs

By sticking to these simple rules, your royal blue dress will ensure you shine.

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Choosing The Right Footwear (What to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress)

Choosing the right footwear for your royal blue dress is a game-changer. It’s not just about style. It’s about crafting an outfit that speaks volumes. Step with confidence by nailing the perfect shoe pairing.

Complementary Colors For Shoes

Match your royal blue dress with shoes that shine. But which colors work best? Brighten your look with silver or dazzle with gold. Want to stay classic? Go for nude or black. Feeling bold? A pop of red makes a statement. Check out the best picks:

  • Silver: Your dress will glow.
  • Gold: Luxe up your look.
  • Nude: Subtle and chic.
  • Black: Timeless sophistication.
  • Red: Turn heads with every step.

Heels, Flats, Or Boots?

The occasion dictates your choice. Let’s break it down:

Elevate your elegance for formal events.Comfort first for casual days.Edge up your dress for a bold look.

Jewelry: Enhancing Your Outfit

A royal blue dress makes a bold statement all on its own. But the right jewelry can take your look to the next level. Think of jewelry as the finishing touch. It adds sparkle, elegance, and personal style to your ensemble. Selecting the perfect pieces to complement that stunning royal blue hue is key. Let’s dive into the best jewelry options that will make your outfit truly shine.

Metal Tones That Match

The color of your jewelry metal can highlight the richness of a royal blue dress. Picking the right metal tone is like choosing the best frame for a masterpiece. Here’s a simple to get it right:

  • Gold: Classy and warm, it contrasts beautifully with royal blue.
  • Silver: Sleek and modern, it complements the cool undertones.
  • Rose Gold: Playful and unique for a softer contrast.

Statement Pieces Vs. Subtlety

Deciding between bold or understated jewelry depends on your style and the occasion.

Statement PiecesSubtle Jewelry
Chunky necklaces or vibrant gemsDelicate chains or simple studs
Dramatic earrings or cuff braceletsDainty bracelets or thin rings
Bold for a high-impact lookMinimal for a touch of elegance

Consider the neckline of your dress and the event. A gala may welcome bold pieces. A dinner might prefer the elegance of subtlety. Let your jewelry echo your mood and the message you want to convey.

Handbags And Clutches: Functional Elegance

Imagine stepping out in a stunning royal blue dress. Now, enhance that vision with the perfect handbag or clutch. These accessories add a touch of elegance and are practical too. They hold your essentials while completing your ensemble. Let’s discover how to pair your dress with the ideal handbag or clutch.

Selecting The Perfect Size

The bag size matters for style and function. Consider the event and what you need to carry.

  • Small clutches are ideal for formal occasions.
  • Larger totes suit day events where more items are necessary.
  • Medium-sized bags offer versatility for different settings.

Color Coordination Essentials

Color choices can make or break your look. For a royal blue dress, here are top recommendations:

OccasionBag Color
WeddingsSilver or Gold
Work EventsBlack or Navy
Casual OutingsBrown or Tan

Remember the balance: a brightly colored bag adds pop to a neutral dress. With a bold dress color, choose calmer bag hues.

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Outerwear Options (What to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress)

Chilly breeze or not, your royal blue dress can shine in any season. Smart outerwear transforms your look while keeping you snug. From breezy nights to icy days, there's always a stylish option to wrap over your dazzling dress. Let's explore the art of pairing your dress with the perfect outerwear.

Blazers And Jackets For Layering

Blazers and jackets are not just for the office. They can add a chic touch to a royal blue dress. A tailored black blazer accentuates your silhouette. Opt for a white jacket for a fresh, modern twist. Consider materials like velvet or satin to elevate the elegance of your outfit. For casual occasions, a denim jacket pairs beautifully, adding a relaxed vibe while keeping the elegance intact.

  • Black blazer: Sleek, timeless.
  • White jacket: Bright, modern contrast.
  • Velvet: Luxe texture for evenings.
  • Denim jacket: Casual, versatile.

Winter Accessories For Warmth And Style

When temperatures drop, style meets function in winter accessories. A cozy scarf or a plush pashmina in complementary colors such as silver, gold, or contrasting hues infuse warmth. Remember a stylish hat or some elegant gloves. They offer warmth and serve as fashionable add-ons. Knitted beanies offer a playful touch, while a felt fedora adds sophistication.

AccessoryStyle NotesColor Suggestions
Scarf/PashminaThick for warmth, silky for elegance.Silver, Gold, Contrasts
HatBeanie for fun, Fedora for class.Neutral tones, Bold colors
GlovesElegant leather, or playful knits.Match or contrast dress color

Final Touches: Hair And Makeup

As you select your royal blue dress, think about your hair and makeup. These elements will complete your look. Choosing the right hairstyle and makeup palette will ensure you shine brightly on any occasion. Let's explore some options that will highlight your features and harmonize with the bold hue of your dress.

Hairstyles That Complement

The right hairstyle can enhance your dress's elegance. Consider these styles:

  • Soft Waves: Add flow and grace to your look.
  • Sleek Bun: Offers a chic, timeless appeal.
  • Pulled-back Ponytail: Keeps it simple and classy.
  • Half Updo: Balances sophistication and playfulness.
  • Side Braid: Introduces texture and detail.

Pro Tip: Accessories like sparkly hairpins or a floral headband can add a special touch to your hairstyle.

Makeup Palettes To Consider (What to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress)

Matching makeup with your dress makes your style stand out. Here's a list of makeup palettes to pair with a royal blue dress:

FeatureMakeup PaletteReason
EyesNeutral Browns or Soft PinksComplements blue without competing for attention.
CheeksPeach or Soft Pink BlushOffers a fresh, subtle flush.
LipsNude Gloss or Bold RedChoose a subtle shine or a pop of color.

Remember, balance is key. If you go bold on the lips, keep the eyes subtle, and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Wear With A Royal Blue Dress

What Shoes Pair Well With Royal Blue Dresses?

Choosing the right footwear for a royal blue dress can elevate your look. Opt for nude or silver heels for a classic finish, or consider black or metallic options for a bold contrast.

How To Accessorize A Royal Blue Dress?

Accentuate a royal blue dress with gold or silver jewelry to add sophistication. For a harmonious look, select accessories in complementary colors like yellows oranges, or neutrals for balance.

Which Makeup Complements A Royal Blue Dress?

For makeup that complements a royal blue dress, use earthy or warm tones on the eyes and a nude lip. Bold choices like a smokey eye or a red lip can also provide a striking contrast.

Can I Wear Black With Royal Blue?

Black pairs excellently with royal blue, offering a sleek and contemporary look. Try a black belt, shoes, or a clutch for a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Is Royal Blue Dress Suitable For Weddings?

Royal blue dresses are perfect for weddings, exuding class and vibrant color. They are appropriate for most types of weddings, from formal to beachside ceremonies.

What Color Tights With Royal Blue Dress?

For a cohesive look, choose navy or opaque black tights with a royal blue dress. Alternatively, sheer nudes can provide a polished and subtle finish for formal occasions.


What to wear with a royal blue dress! Selecting the perfect accessories for a royal blue dress is all about balance. Bold jewelry, neutral shoes, or a patterned clutch can transform your look. Don’t forget, the goal is to enhance your dress, not overshadow it. Whatever the occasion, confidence in your style choice makes all the difference.

Step out and shine in your beautifully accessorized royal blue attire.

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